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Gateway Parks creates affordable opportunities for kids of all ages to enjoy tubing and the ski & snowboard hill everyday. Not just on weekends or holidays!. Mom and dad can join in on the fun or get their errands done while their kids are out playing in the snow. That is what Gateway Parks is all about. Good family fun!

We are a community-oriented company that gives back to the local communities that host our parks. A portion of each Gateway Park’s revenue is returned to the community to further strengthen the local recreational programs. In addition, Gateway partners with community organizations that share the common goal of making snow sports accessible to kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

What we offer is a win-win for all parties involved. Gateway Parks provides all the equipment and employees needed to run the park, and we work with the local Parks & Recreational Department to coordinate marketing efforts. Park resources, such as ball fields and golf courses, that otherwise would be unused during the winter months are transformed into a winter playground, allowing the local community to enjoy the parks year-round. Additionally a percentage of revenue from the parks is shared with the state.

How do we determine which communities we are going to build a park? It is simple. We receive requests from local Parks and Recreational Departments to open a park in their area. Our team visits the location site, establishes feasibility, and then works with local officials to get a plan underway. If you are interested in bringing a Gateway Park to your community, contact your Parks and Recreational Department and let them know about what we offer. You can also fill out the following inquiry form and we can do the leg work for you.

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