Frequently Asked Questions

All ages are welcome at Gateway Parks.

We recommend smaller children ride with a parent, but ultimately it is left to parents’ discretion.

We do not have any height or weight restrictions; our tubes are rated for 20,000+ pounds.

So as long as everyone feels comfortable and secure in their tubes there is no concerns.

What about if I am bringing other people’s children?

Each pass comes with a waiver printed on the back. By purchasing/using/wearing a pass you have agreed to the terms and conditions of our park even if you are purchasing for a child other than your own.

If you would like to get a copy of our waiver for your own purposes, please contact management at [email protected].


Due to insurance and liability, the only tubes or sleds that can go down our hill are the ones we provide. The rest of the park is open to the public, and if there is natural snowfall, you are welcome to use your own sled or tube elsewhere.


Our magic carpet does the work for you, all you have to do is stand on it with you tube and ride up to the top!

Your ticket is good only for whichever 1.5-hour session you have selected.

If you show up early you will need to wait until your session starts unless told otherwise. If you are late you will only be allowed the remainder of your session unless told otherwise.

The only reason Gateway Parks would be unable to open is in cases of an emergency or if we believe the weather would compromise the safety of our staff and customers (thunder, lightning, heavy downpour, etc.).

Gateway Parks does not close for rain, snow, hail, or any other mild weather. If we experienced any of the scenarios described above, you would be contacted by Gateway Parks and tickets would be transferred to a different day.

In all of our years of operation, Gateway Parks has never had to end the season due to lack of snow. We end the season only when we are not seeing enough customers to support the cost of operations. Each season will go through Presidents Day at a minimum.

Due to the nature of our business Gateway Parks does not offer refunds. In case of an emergency tickets can be transferred to a different date.

Gateway Parks does not guarantee the ability to transfer dates and times. If you need to switch to a different date and/or time you must notify Gateway Parks by phone or email at least 24 hours in  advance of your scheduled session.

Group discounts are automatically applied at checkout. Gateway Parks does not offer group discounts during Winter Break due to high attendance rates. If the discount is not being applied automatically, it means you have selected a date where we do not offer a discount


Group discounts are only applied when tickets are purchased all together

A terrain park is a part of our hill for skiing and snowboarding. The terrain park is built with rails, jumps, and other features.


All tickets are good for the entire hill. Snowboarding and skiing are free.

Nope! Only people using our hill are charged, we welcome any guests to come enjoy the park at no cost.

There is a large gazebo with picnic tables as well as a fire pit at the base of the hill. There is also another gazebo and several picnic tables on the outskirts of the park.

We offer hot cocoa, cider, coffee, soft drinks, chips, candy, nachos, pretzels and more! 

Yes. There are heated men’s and women’s restrooms at the park.